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Paragon Restaurant & Bar in San Francisco (AT&T Park) and Portland (Pearl District)


San Francisco
P: 415 537 9020
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P: 503 833 5060
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Welcome to Paragon

Paragon is a neighborhood gastropub serving ingredient-driven, honest food, craft beers, unique cocktails and eclectic wines. Anchored within each distinctive neighborhood, Paragon offers a casual and approachable experience with a hint of nostalgia that both roots you to the present and takes you back to the familiar. Our stylish custom décor complements our contemporary menu of new and reinterpreted American classics. The bar is an integral part of Paragon and has a strong focus on artisan cocktails and cult beers, making it a popular establishment that fits perfectly within its surrounding community.

Whether you pull up a stool or gather around a table, we look forward to welcoming you to Paragon.

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